‘Try a Tri’ Training

Never tried a triathlon before?

Many thanks to Triathlon England who helped us set up our 2013 ‘Try a Tri’ training sessions.

We plan to hold official Try a Tri training sessions again for the 2014 Beccles Triathlon in Beccles at Beccles Public Hall (Smallgate, NR34 9AD) and Beccles Lido (Puddingmoor, NR34 9PL) as follows:

  • Date&Time TBA Public Hall – NUTRITION talk, chance to meet other triathletes Price TBA
  • Date&Time TBA Public Hall – BIKE talk Price TBA
  • Date&Time TBA Public Hall – RUN talk Price TBA
  • Date&Time TBA Lido – practical SWIM training session Price TBA

The sessions will be led by British Triathlon Federation (BTF) coaches and cater to newcomers to the sport, looking to learn the basics.  The training will incorporate everything you need to know about the three disciplines, as well as nutrition.

The classes won’t be physically strenuous, as we believe the best way for you to improve is to teach you the correct technique and training methods so that when you do train, you train correctly.  At  the end of each session there will be a chance to ask questions.

Even if you don’t compete in Beccles Triathlon you will be very welcome to come along or to bring a friend.  We will ask, however, that those under 16 years old are accompanied by an adult.

Based on 2013 arrangements:

Booking  for all except the practical swim session will be by logging on to the Beccles Public Hall (BPH) website www.becclespublichall.co.uk and pre-booking tickets through their Online Box Office.  However if you prefer to drop into the Hall, the BPH box office is open Monday to Saturday, 10am – 3pm.

For the practical swim session we will ask that you simply pre-register and you will be asked to pay on the day.  However we can only take 20 participants for the swim session (age 16 and over only) so we will allocate places on a first come/first served basis.

If you have any questions, please click here or contact: ktbryson4@gmail.com

Further details of the training:

NUTRITION: What should you be eating in the months leading up to a triathlon?  What’s the best pre-race breakfast?  Do you need to eat/drink during the event?  What’s the best post-race recovery fuel?  Our coaches – one of whom is an advanced sports nutritionist – will give you an insight into what can be a bewildering world of fuel for sport.  They will talk about the latest thinking on nutrition as well as give their personal experiences as participants.  In 2013 we were also joined by a special guest from TORQ.  Afterwards there will be a chance to chat to others taking part in the Beccles Triathlon.

BIKE: Our coaches will tell you all you need to know about the cycle section of a triathlon from how to make sure your bike is safe and fits you,  to dismounting and other bike skills, to techniques that will make you a little bit faster without any more effort.  In 2013 we were also joined by Ben and James from TriHarder, the specialist Triathlon Multisports centre in Dereham, Norfolk.

RUN: How to keep going during the last phase of the triathlon and what to expect at the Beccles Triathlon.  This talk will also cover the essentials of transition

SWIM: A practical (bring your bathers and a towel) swim session lead by an ASA swim teacher.  It will cover everything to expect during the swim phase, from pre-race nerves  to pool procedure and etiquette.  Lifeguards will be on duty and warm showers are available afterwards.  This is not going to be a tough training session but  rather an orientation and ‘get used to the pool’ session.

Can’t wait until next year?  Then why not join Beccles Triathlon Club?