2015 Feedback & Comments

Yet again, we were overwhelmed with your fantastic feedback from our 2015 Triathlon, despite it pouring with rain for the first time (we have usually been blessed with glorious sunshine).  All of it was positive or constructive! Huge thanks again to our neighbours for putting up with the disruption and noise and for their fantastic support!

You’ll find a selection of the feedback (and where relevant our comments) below :

(And if you are interested to see the feedback from our earlier triathlons, please click here for 2013 and click here for 2014).

    • Kate, I love my Beccles buff – the goodie bags were absolutely fantastic! Ah, it was a good experience to do a tri in the rain, couldn’t take anything away from what a fab day it was! Look forward to really doing it justice next year!! Hope you and Jase have managed to grab a few mins rest – I know the time it takes before, during and after to make these events as fab as they are – be proud – just when you think it can’t get any better – you just blow us away!

      I think we ALL agree – without Kate & Jase (and Iggy of course) there wouldn’t have been a Beccles Triathlon – so mahoosive TRIple thanks to Kate & Jase for everything they did for the first 3 Beccles Triathlons. Sadly they have decided to take a back seat this year – but the Beccles Triathlon Club has taken on the 2016 4th Annual Beccles Triathlon and we are confident that the event will be another huge success.

    • From inside the kitchen, it looked like everything went off well and everyone had a great day, even the sodden spectators. So, good for you: another triathlon triumph! Suzanne

    • Congrats Kate. Well done to you and yours. PC 1324 Dave Moran, Events Planning Unit, Specialist Operations, Norfolk Constabulary

    • I absolutely loved today, was very proud wearing the sky blue and black.

      and YOU too can wear the famous BLACK & LIGHT BLUE and COOLEST Triathlon kit in the region by joining Beccles Triathlon Club!

    • Many many thanks for yet again a fantastic and well run triathlon, I know that your work was hard, preparing and sorting for the day but, from a competitors point of view it was all worth it. Again many thanks

    • I just wanted to say thanks for all your effort and hard work that went into today’s event, I hope it all went well from your point of view. I enjoyed it despite the weather and a bad back but managed to hobble round. Looking forward to next year!

    • I was in town yesterday and stopped off to see how the Triathlon was going and, setting aside the damp conditions, it seemed to be going very well. The competitors, marshals and spectators I saw (and spoke to in some cases) were all in good spirits and seemed determined to enjoy themselves. I do hope that everything went well from the organisers’ point of view and that you feel that this year’s Triathlon was a success (noting that it attracted at least one overseas-based competitor). If there is anything which I or my colleagues can do to assist in the aftermath of this year’s event, or toward next, please let me know. Yours sincerely, Hugh Taylor, Mayor of Beccles 2015/16

    • Thanks for today, so impressed by how well it was organised so well done to you and the team! I have been basking in a warm glow all day (well once I dried out) from having completed my first proper triathlon, just such a rewarding experience! Swim was a bit of a nightmare but think that was down to inexperience, ride was a break through for me today having set my bike up properly, run felt easy but was enjoying it so much think I forgot to go fast!!! Looking forward to next year and competing for a top 20 place!!!!! Just one point to make for future reference. Coming back into Puddingmoor there were 2 Marshalls at the junction but no one at the 90 degree bend just after. There was a car coming around the corner as I came in which wasn’t a big problem as I kept to the left. Just thought though as I came around the corner that if anyone just assumed the way was clear then there could have been a problem! Could be worth having another Marshall there next year?

      Thanks and duly noted re. the big Puddingmoor bend – of course, you did the right thing as Triathlon rules are that the normal of rules of the road apply at all times. Nonetheless, we have revised our risk assessment and will Marshall accordingly in 2016. Which of course means more Marshalls – being a Marshall is not hard and can be great fun – so for anyone who is interested, check out what’s involved and sign up here

    • Awesome day Sunday Kate, really amazing – the small touches make it – the choir, starting shotgun, your shout in transition, all those motivational posters! Really makes me proud to live in Beccles, thank you

      It was our pleasure… and well done everyone who took part today from Beccles Community Choir who were (trying to) encourage you during your run! You looked at us like we were mad for singing out in that weather and we looked at you like you were mad for running in that weather! Well done and hope you’re all enjoying something hot and maybe a massage right now – “But it’s been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise. I consider it a challenge before the whole human race and I ain’t gonna lose.” Stephen, choirmaster of Beccles Community Choir

    • Quick e-mail as shortly leaving for Scarborough (don’t ask!)… The biggest thank you of them all goes to you both [Kate & Jase] – not just for the phenomenal organisation and yesterday but all your support and encouragement throughout the year. An awesome couple……. PS – Goody bag = amazing

    • And just to add to everyone else WELL DONE TO YOU BOTH!! ❤ It was a great day albeit that we all got soaked through. While I was walking around to keep me from locking up I heard several people comment on the brittle and granola saying how nice it was to have nice eats in the goodie bags – A* to you. Good job to you both [Kate & Jase] again xxx

    • Just a quick and belated thanks to you [Kate], Jason and Iggy for making the triathlon happen in Beccles again this year. Perhaps especially because of the weather, this year was another great, if different, occasion. So, cheers for it all. For me, this year was another big challenge again but for different reasons. Never thought I’d do one triathlon, let alone three – so thanks again.

    • Many thanks to yourself [Kate] and Jase too for all the hard work. Despite the awful weather it was really good fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

    • Just wanted to say congratulations to everyone involved with the Triathlon. It was lovely to see so many people taking part and spectating considering the miserable weather. I did wander back down to the lido about 12 to see the prize giving, but was greeted with everyone already wearing their medals. Obviously they wanted to get home and in the warm and I don’t blame them. Glad it was a success and look forward to next year’s event when hopefully I can get a Tesco team involved. Natalie C, Community Champion, Tesco

    • I know you must have had loads of emails with regards to the Beccles Tri, but Zoe and I just felt we needed to say a big thank you to yourself [Kate] and Jason for putting on such a fabulous event. Rightly or wrongly we both used it as our first. Although we viewed it with trepidation, we are now pleased we conquered the Beccles Tri as our initiation! Zoe was particularly grateful for the cadets on the run route who gave a much needed clap or shout of encouragement when the porridge reserves were running low. The weather was poor but it failed to dampen our spirits. We were both on a high for the rest of the day. I can’t even begin to think about how much time and effort the pair of you have had to put into organisation, so again thank you so much. Finally (I think I can speak for Zoe as well) I just wanted to say thanks for making me feel so welcome the first time I turned up for a [Beccles Triathlon Club] swim session at the Lido. It was so relaxed and not at all intimidating. I think if it had been terribly intense and formidable I wouldn’t be writing this having completed triathlon No. 1!

      Thanks for that feedback – we always wanted the Beccles Triathlon to be for newbies as well as seasoned Triathletes, and the same goes for Beccles Triathlon Club – somewhere for newbies to train with and get tips from people who did it before, whether once or many times.

    • You deserve the thanks and congratulations, not us. You guys did a brilliant job. Louise is all fired up to do even better next year. I am plunged into despair. That pain is bad enough. Even worse was being overtaken by that Coast to Coast tourist, swathed head to toe in enormous waterproofs, bike bulging with saddlebags and panniers, pedalling from Lowestoft to Pembroke. Slowed down to chat and wish me well before disappearing into the distance. My annual piece of ritual humiliation. Great experience none the less. One tiny thought: if the weather is ever that bad again, a couple more marshalls on the riverside stretch might be useful to give warnings or help. It got badly churned up and hazardous as it got pounded by more and more feet. Otherwise, wonderful. We’re not just fine weather runners, are we? Was going to ask you for Shaun’s contact details, as I need to arrange to pick up my hedge trimmer and strimmer. He did a great job on the hedge in the Transition area. Thanks again.

      Cheers Alan – thanks for the strimmer! and thanks for showing everyone else that Triathlon is 90% about the personal challenge for most of us! and duly noted re. the run route (which we have considered changing, but on balance think that it’s another unique part of the Beccles Triathon) – we have revised our risk assessment and will Marshall accordingly in 2016. Which of course means more Marshalls – being a Marshall is not hard and can be great fun – so for anyone who is interested, check out what’s involved and sign up here

    • Hello – just to say a really big thank you for this year’s tri – it was brilliantly organised (as usual!) and even the awful weather couldn’t dampen people’s spirits. Looking forward to next year already.

    • Awesome event!! Thanks to everyone who helped put on the event, and especially all the volunteers who spent hours in the rain so we could race!! 

    • Fantastic event again. Well done to everyone taking part, supporting, organising and marshalling. See you next year🏊🚴🏃

    • Excellent event, thanks to everyone who took part making it happen! A memorable first tri!

    • Thank you ever so much for the effort you guys have put into this event, enjoyed it ever so much!

    • Thank you all very much, really enjoyed it despite the weather!!

    • My first triathlon, despite the weather it was a very friendly and well organised race, thoroughly enjoyed it, will be back next year, thanks to the organisers and all the marshalls who stood out in the wind and rain for the duration of the race. Xx

    • Well done all ….even the wind and rain can’t stop Beccles Triathlon.

    • Just like to say thank you all for making my first triathlon a very pleasurable and exciting experience/ fantastic organisation through out thank you

    • Thanks to everyone, marshals were all amazing especially in such awful conditions!☔😀

    • Thank you all for a great Tri today… The support from all the marshals were fantastic just what we needed to keep us going in the wind and rain💦💦☔☔💨💨 Hope you can put your feet up in the warm this afternoon!! Xx

    • Thanks again for another great event ladies & gents. I’ll be back again next year, hopefully injury free 👍🏊🚴🏃

    • Well done to everyone involved, you can rest assured that being out in all that rain was very much appreciated by a lot of people. Marvellous event, fantastic job by you all!!!!

    • I think you win on the soggiest tri this year ☔

    • Brilliant event, thoroughly enjoyed my first tri, thank you so much to all who helped and especially Kate, Jase and Iggy who kept me going over the year – never dreamt I’d do it but I have

      What more can we add to that!

      Don’t just dream about doing a Triathlon – JUST DO IT!


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