2013 Feedback & Comments

Not only were we overwhelmed with our 1st ever Triathlon (that’s right – none of us had ever done this before!), but we were delighted to receive a huge amount of feedback, nearly all of it positive or constructive.  Huge thanks to our neighbours for putting up with the disruption and noise and for their (almost) unanimous support!

You’ll find a selection of that feedback (and where relevant our comments) below:

  • Just to say a big thank you to you both [Kate & Jason] and all your helpers, marshals etc. for a fabulous event, plus organizing the great weather, a special well done there!

  • Firstly a massive thanks and well done to you, Jason & everyone else that helped make today such an awesome event. It was especially pleasing (as a Beccles boy) to see so many locals.  And being a novice (as you said at one of the coaching sessions) I got a PB!! I would be very interested in a Beccles tri club, as I want to improve my fitness overall, and know which areas need improving (swimming in a straight line would help)! Keep me posted and thanks again.

Kate & Jason: We have launched Beccles Triathlon Club – click here for details.

  • We all had a great morning out, it was lovely to see so many people taking part and supporting, should put Beccles pool fully on the map now and secure its future we hope. From our side all seemed to go very smooth, so hope it was for you all.

  • Glad it all went well. There seemed like a really nice atmosphere… and I got a damn good sun-tan into the bargain. Bonus.

  • Thanks and well done for a really good morning. All the cadets enjoyed it and a few have even said they want to take part next year.

  • I hope you are relaxing and enjoying the shiny feeling of pulling off an amazing event today.  You did a fantastic job – all your hard work paid off – so a massive well done to you too.  We are more than happy to help again next year if you will have us!  We quite fancy the same spot near the Wherry in Geldeston as we managed to find an extremely entertaining 8 yr old and a lovely couple who made us a cup of tea and coffee!!!

  • Many thanks and congratulations to you and all the team on a fabulously successful day.

  • Thank you to yourself [Jason] and Kate for all the hard work and worry that went into organising the great event, don’t forget that without you it would not have happened at all.

  • A great event that made Beccles stand out and for giving so much pleasure to a  whole load of competitors and their family and friends.

  • Well done to you both [Kate & Jason].

  • We will be up for next year and look forward to hearing from you with a date!

  • I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you all for an excellent event and all the help, support and top tips prior to today. The organisation was excellent, the cadets stars in their unwavering cheering, an all-round top day. I managed a PB ok so it was my first ever triathlon and one I will always remember, but I am so proud I was able to complete it and be part of a fun, inspiring and well organised event. I must admit it was harder than I even imagined – the run or should I say walk completely killed me but I will be back next year to beat that PB.  Again BIG thanks for taking the time to organise an amazing event!

  • Thanks for all your hard work on Beccles Tri. What a fantastic event. It was great to be a part of it.

  • Absolutely Fabulous!!! ‘Well done’ to all that made this event possible just isn’t enough. I cannot think of a single flaw, completely faultless. If I could think of any constructive criticism, I would be happy to pass it on… but I can’t.

  • My 4th triathlon, though have spectated/supported & marshalled a good few. Superb communication & support pre-event, fun banter on FB page & loads of information to find easily on web site.  Was not able to attend the special meetings, talks & training events on offer, but was able to communicate with hosts in my own time. Brilliant venue & course and so well supported by the friendliest of marshals. Oh and great to have a well-fitting, well-made technical shirt too! Truly hope the success of this will indeed make it an annual event.

  • That was a really good event, well done to all of you for putting it on.  And thanks, it was great fun. Beccles is lucky to have such lovely people living there and doing stuff.

  • Thanks for a great event today, and from my point of view was very well organised for a debut event.

  • Just got home after a great event today. I really enjoyed the 1st Annual Beccles Triathlon. Brilliant swim location… I felt like I was on holiday somewhere exotic! Bike circuit was also fantastic, quiet roads and the only stretch of busy/fast road was wide enough for cars to overtake safely. The run wasn’t my favourite part, the town stretch of the course was great with lots of support but I didn’t like running along the river path. As well as feeling like you were running out into the middle of nowhere, the path underfoot was so uneven and I stumbled over on my ankles a few times. I know it’s harder to organise but maybe a town centre circuit would be a better improvement for the run. Other than that, marshalling was great and the army cadets were brilliant, very encouraging and made me want to sprint to the finish! Oh and I loved the medal!!

Routemaster Jason: Mixed feedback on the run route, so we reviewed it for 2014 – we have decided to keep it the same but better signpost it and see what feedback we get this year.

  • Thank you for a great day, well organised, see you next year.

  • Had an absolutely brilliant time. So well organised and the team made us all feel so welcome. Big thanks to Kate, Shaun, Iggy & Jason and all the other team members. My first Tri… not my last. Bloody well done chaps 🙂

  • It was a brilliant event, I will definitely try and enter next year. Well done to you all, loved it.

  • Just to say a big thank you for all the huge amount of work that went into producing an incredibly successful 1st Annual Beccles Triathlon.  And how did you manage the weather as well?!!!

  • Seriously, all I heard was good comments and people saying they wanted to do it again next year.  Also, from those who did a one segment stint who said they wanted to do the whole thing on their own next year.

  • Looks like you might have to make it a two day event next year to accommodate all the interest!

  • Heartiest congratulations to you and your team.  Great work!

  • I’ve been doing triathlons since 2008 and I have enjoyed this one more than any other. Well done and thank you.

  • Really enjoyed it. Well organised. Maybe a few more toilets.

Treasurer Shaun: There is a medium term project to redevelop the toilets.  Meantime, we
might have to make do, but we will look into hiring some.

  • Great atmosphere and very well organised. Thank you.

  • Superb event!!! I would have liked better instructions from school to start line.

Administrator Iggi:  We will review signage for 2014.

  • Loved it. Can you keep as friendly and unthreatening in the future please?

  • Excellent event – well organised. Thanks for booking the weather.

  • Very well organised. Brilliant event for both competitors and spectators alike. Well done!

  • Brilliant day. Advertising of pool wrong, so fractious kids.

  • Make sure that the marshals know whether the pool is open for swimming in the early morning or not.

  • People who are supporters of the tri participants and are on site before 9am could have a coloured wristband. After 9am no one is allowed on site unless they pay therefore there has to be a better method of control.

  • There should be some way to monitor visitors so that at the end no one is on site unless they are involved in the tri. This is to prevent people using the pool who haven’t paid to come in.

Treasurer Shaun: We will definitely be reviewing logistics around competitors/spectator/
lido visitors and pool users for 2014.

  • Really well run. Great buzz. My backside hurts. I’ll be back!

  • Great tri. Top course. Thanks.

  • Excellent event, will be happy to take part in another. Keep ‘em coming.

  • There should be some way to keep tabs of the number of runners so that those on site know how many are still competing.

Commentator Eric: We will review this for 2014.

  • I thought the event was a great success, the local support was amazing.

  • There were a couple of things that came to mind which may be worth considering for next year. 1) Water station nearer to T2 exit would have been nice, I try to take a gel at the start of the run but had to wait till half way as I have to take them with water. 2) More crowd control at the run in chute through to the welcome area, there were a lot of public walking around there. Other than that a great day and I will be booking next year and recommending it!!

Organiser Kate: We will review for 2014.

  • Ps, the shirts would look nicer with something on the front as well 🙂

Kate & Iggi: Wait til you see our new Beccles Triathlon Club kit, a limited selection of which will be available to buy or order at the Triathlon

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for yesterday’s triathlon.  It was a great day and you must be so proud that all of your efforts paid-off. Thanks in particular to the marshals and helpers.

  • I was fortunate enought to be totally supported [as a marshall] with an excellent team of army cadets, they did a great job. The best bit for me was watching a small, “mouselike” cadet grow in stature and end up shouting like a sergeant major as the race went on! He was so encouraging to the athletes, but so confident in his role, it was lovely to see. I heard nothing but good positive comments about the event from the athletes, they loved it and commented a lot on how well organised etc it all was etc, so many congratulations to you both [Kate & Jason] on a tough job well done, lets hope we can do it all again next year! I do hope that you can sleep again now that it is over, although I appreciate that the “mopping up” operation goes on for what seems like an age afterwards…

  • Fantastic event. Will certainly be here next year. Support was brilliant thanks.

  • Only my 2nd triathlon but really great day, well organised and hope to do it again next year. Thanks.

  • Best sprint race I have done in the last 3 years. I’ll be back!

  • Awesome event. Well done. Doing it ALL next year.

  • Fabulous community event. Every year please!

Final comment:

Kate, Jason, Iggi, Eric, Shaun: I suppose we’d better organise the 2nd Annual Beccles Triathlon!

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