The Route

This year’s Beccles Triathlon will follow the same route as 2023; and the new Aquathlon will follow the same swim and run route as the Triathlon.

With the magnificent Beccles Lido at its beginning and end, this unique event weaves competitors around the pretty Waveney Valley countryside, through quiet Suffolk villages and along the Waveney River, finishing through the friendly market town of Beccles itself with views of the iconic Bell Tower of St Michael’s Church.

The Triathlon is a sprint distance triathlon, and competitors will SWIM 420 metres (14 lengths) of the outdoor 30 metre Lido in Puddingmoor (heated enough not to have to wear wetsuits).

The swim course will comprise 14 lengths, swum in a zig-zag: swimmers will set out one at a time at 30 second intervals. Starting from the far side of the pool, they will get into a narrow holding lane, then duck under the lane rope ready to start, then swim up and down the first of 7 lanes, then duck under the lane rope at the shallow end into the next full lane to swim back up then down again for lengths 3 and 4, then duck under again for lengths 5 and 6, and so on until they have completed 14 lengths. They will then exit on the transition side of the pool by the steps. This format has been adopted by most of the other pool-based Triathlons in the region and it removes the confusion over lengths swam, is easier to marshal, and allows everyone to get out of the pool easier. Swimmers will set off according to the time they advise us they expect to swim 400m, so there shouldn’t be too much congestion in the pool.

You will then embark on a single lap of a 20.3k (12.63 miles) cycle route around the towns of Gillingham, through Wainford Maltings and back to Beccles.

click here to view a Garmin map of the BIKE route (and do please ignore the time – Jason our routemaster was not human!)

The Aquathlon will adopt a similar format for the swim BUT swim from the near side to the far side of the pool, starting after the last Triathlon swimmer has exited the pool. On exiting the pool, competitors will collect their run shoes and athlete number/run vest and any other items (socks/hat/glasses) which will be set out along the far side of the pool, and then exit the Lido.

The Triathlon and Aquathlon will both finish with a 6.7k (4.2 miles) run.

The run route is shown here and there are some pics on our Facebook page.

All routes are subject to change in the event that last minute planning issues arise.