2014 Feedback & Comments

Yet again, we were overwhelmed with your fantastic feedback from our 2014 Triathlon, all of it positive or constructive. Huge thanks again to our neighbours for putting up with the disruption and noise and for their fantastic support!

You’ll find a selection of that feedback (and where relevant our comments) below:

  • From my two friends and I thank you for another fantastic triathlon. The organisation was brilliant. Course challenging. Support – the best anywhere in 4 years of putting my body through this. Please send my thanks to your team, volunteers, Beccles Kingfishers, army cadets, sea scouts, choir (I was moving slowly enough to enjoy it) and whoever put the motivational signs out they kept me going, and it felt like the whole town was out supporting and willing you home, and supporting everyone competing, whether fast or slow. Hopefully we will see you next year and do it all again.

  • Well done again to the Beccles Triathlon Club on another superb event.

  • Just to say a really really big thank you for another brilliant Tri – we had a fantastic time again – the organisation was superb and everything went incredibly smoothly. We are looking forward to next year’s already. Hope you manage to have some time off to recharge.

  • Hi Kate – I’ve heard a lot of good feedback about the event, a testament to all the hard work you and Jason have put in – well done. Thanks

    I think we ALL agree – without Kate & Jase there wouldn’t be a Beccles Triathlon – so mahoosive TRIple thanks to Kate & Jase

  • I think the weather reflected the event today! I was very impressed with the way it was run and this clearly reflects the effort you and your army of helpers must have been put in. Chapeau! In terms of my sponsorship money received via the traditional pen and paper and cash in a tin, is it easiest if I deposit in my bank account and then transfer it via just giving?

    We’ll take it any which way is easiest. HUGE THANKS on behalf of Beccles Lido – your sponsorship really does make a difference

  • From the British Triathlon Federation adjudicator: Lovely to meet you [Kate] and Jason yesterday, it was a great day and Jill and I enjoyed it immensely. The report is attached, (largely written by Jill), but she covered everything I would. The invoice does not include extra mileage – please take that as my contribution toward the Lido. On another note, are you sure about the legality of the shotgun? Out of 150 competitors, the odds of there being a member of the police present is quite high, and I’m no legal eagle but wouldn’t this come under ‘discharging a firearm in a public place’! I’d hate it to put a future event in jeopardy.

    Great feedback from the man who matters! And he was right, the police were present – competing! And the good news is… the starting shotgun can come back again next year (please Robert Tilney?)

  • I writing to say a big thank you and congratulations to all you wonderful people who made the Beccles Triathlon today possible. What an atmosphere for both competitors, families and onlookers. Great to see so much help from the community. Beccles Kingfishers, army adets, sea scouts, volunteers, all of whom spurred me on around the course. Loved the course and the motivational boards dotted around. Looking forward to the next time and finding some new recruits. I know lots of kids who were really inspired… how about the idea of a junior tri to keep the energy flowing and Beccles triathletes lighting up the world.

    We really would like to add something for kids, but for now we want to concentrate on making the main event run like clockwork, then we can see about expansion…

  • I’m not sure if it was you I spoke to briefly at the Brilliant Beccles tri-athlon earlyer today? I did mean to find you again and speak again possibly joining the club? I had such a fantastic race and really enjoyed it, as it was only my 2nd tri. I’m always looking to improve, but like most people I have so little spare time. Any info on the club and joining etc would be fab. Cheers. Thanks again for such a fun friendly, tri!

    Everyone is welcome at Beccles Triathlon Clubclick here for more details.

  • I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday, it was a really great event. Everyone seemed to love it and the atmosphere around the course (especially at the lido) was fantastic. I particularly appreciated the choir down at the key singing motivational songs… much needed! I don’t know how you managed to arrange for the weather to be so good but it was definitely worth it. I really appreciate the work you’ve put into it and also the time you’ve put into the various training sessions, so thank you very much!

  • Big thank you for yesterday. We all had a fantastic day. Great success and so well organised. Well done.

  • Thanks for all your efforts for yesterday… I really enjoyed the whole event and a special thanks to the marshalls… they were brilliant! Thanks again.

  • First many congratulations to you and all the other Beccles Triathlon volunteers, another fantastic day and event, thank you all so much for running it our team and all my friends and fellow competitors really enjoyed it.

  • I wanted to drop you a quick note to say… THANK YOU for putting on a wonderful triathlon at the weekend! I really did enjoy myself very much and everyone was so friendly (even when I accidently set my chip off early – sorry about that)! I work as a Corporate Events Planner so I know how much work and effort these events take to sort out and arrange. Many thanks and best wishes.

  • I’m glad you had a great day and that we were able to support you, albeit in a small way. Please let me know if you require anything else in the future. Warmest regards, Scenic Projects

    And HUGE TNX from us as well to Scenic Projects for giving us the campest Triathlon presentation podium ever… unless you know different?

  • From Michael Jackson – I would like to say what a fantastic job you all did on the triathlon, it was my first triathlon so the chance to cock up was there, but with all the organisation you guys put in it was very very smooth. Thankyou.

    For 2015 we are hoping to get Elvis to enter as well!

  • Thank you for everything. Terrible performance by me but I am just excited about the next one. See you on Wednesday and well done for creating something truly, truly special!

    What do you mean you don’t know what happens on a Wednesday? Beccles Triathlon Club RUN training of course – meet Beccles Sports Centre at 6:45pm for a 7-8pm ssession

  • Hi – it was a really good day thank you. Just a couple of points to note this year – the road traffic was much busier this year than last, maybe it was the weather, but I know there were a number of tractor runs, rallies, scooter runs and others all on the same day. Thus at Watch House corner it got very busy at times, much more so than last year, and in fact we had one incident where a car pulled out of the side road and stopped right in the middle of the junction waiting for traffic, and a bike had to swerve to get behind him. I think next year this junction might warrant two people even if just for an hour or so when most of the bikes are passing. Otherwise great as usual, see you next year.

    Great feedback from one of our Marshalls and duly noted for 2015

  • All, gutted I missed the team picture. Beccles Tri is the only way to go! Congrats to everyone who helped, completed and competed on Sunday. Proud to be in your company. See you at Fritton on Sunday. Cheers

    Beccles, Fritton, Norwich, London, representing Team GB at the European Championships! Many of the competitors who did their first ever Triathlon with us in 2013 have gone on to become Tri-junkies and compete in some amazing places

  • Congratulations on the second Beccles Triathlon. Last year I complained to you about the sound from the P.A. system. I have to say that this time I had no cause for complaint. Also I much appreciated your advance notice of the closure of Puddingmoor. Congratulations again.

    We are super grateful to all of the residents and businesses on Puddingmoor who work with us to make sure the Triathlon is safe

  • Yesterday was epic!! Knocked almost 4 mins off last years time, and smashed the bike! Although racing in BBDRC colours, I was still very proud to be part of the Beccles Tri Club, and seeing everyone, and the progress people have made was astounding!! Huge thanks to Jase and Kate for giving many hours of unpaid time!! X x

    You can wear any colours you like at Beccles Triathlon but seriously, why would you want to wear anything other than BLACK & LIGHT BLUE? GO Beccles Triathlon Club!!!

  • Great news – well done all. It’s a great event to be involved in. Even though I live in Beccles I don’t spend a great deal of time in and around the town – so it’s nice to help a little with the local Beccles/Lido/Tri community. Mr Plumb

    And our HUGE TNX to Mr Plumb and all of the other photographers who volunteered to take our fantastic pics and video. AND to everyone else who gives up their time for £0 to make the event just… AMAZEBALLS!

  • Can I say what a fantastic time I had on Sunday. Four of us from Stowmarket all had a great race and that was down to excellent organisation, brilliant marshalling by enthusiastic marshalls. Thanks very much, we’ll all be back next year. If Carling did Triathlon they would be like yours 🙂

    Or is it Carlsberg? Whatever, we don’t care what we drink, AFTER we finished the Triathlon of course!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st time ‘marshalling’ – thanks for including me. I managed to catch the sun and make my voice hoarse with all the cheering on. Just one bit of feedback – I was located along with Margaret at the bottom of Northgate and allocated to guiding the cycling contingent. At one stage we not only had cyclists, but runners coming down Northgate and over to the Quay. We also had runners returning from the Quay and having to be directed left at the junction. Thankfully we had a photographer who ably assisted us in directing the 3 different contingents! However it may be worth considering having 3 marshalls at this junction for future events. Hope the feedback is helpful.

    Very helpful thanks – more great feedback from one of our Marshalls and duly noted for 2015

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